If it's not a new smartphone or tablet, it's a new smartwatch that's in the headlines and social networking sites these days. Add to that, there's something about the color gold that's catching the eye of a few gadget manufacturers lately, and in fact two companies also invested in its latest gold wearable devices. 

Take for instance the new LG G Watch that took the news to its social media account about its latest color variant: a classic combination of White and Champagne Gold. By the looks of it, the new color variant is classy not flashy.

The LG G Watch is powered by Google's Android platform, the Android Wear, which supports wearable devices. It is said to be compatible with an extensive range of Android-powered smartphones. It's water- and dust-resistant, too. Quite like Siri, user can simply say "Ok Google" to ask questions or get things done. Quite like New York, it is the "screen that never sleeps," meaning the screen display is always on, based on reports.

Research says the dummy models show that the watch has no button whatsoever, so it's something to watch out for if it remains the same 'til its official launch. The company is about to launch the very first Android Wear-powered watch anytime in the second quarter of this year, probably in June. Price is estimated at less than $300. The other color is Stealth Black.

Details of the G Watch remains elusive, however, a blog post from the Official UK Blog of LG says more details and hardware specifications will be revealed in the coming months.

Another gold piece in the smart watch market is Samsung's Galaxy Gear 2, which is in combination with color Black. This second version has the same hardware as the first version, which is a dual core 1GHz chip. Though one reviewer says it's more cohesive now. Several significant additions add much to the smartwatch's functionality such as the optical heart-rate monitor, dust- and water-proof resistance and IR blaster, among others. Gear 2's body was made of metal brush and the strap is much like the first version, but owners can now replace the strap with fancy color choices.

However, reviews were not always on the better side of the fence. If the earlier version was described as bad for having a poor battery life, limited apps and unpopular design as observers say, other critics say the Samsung Gear 2 is still merely a rehash of the original with a little twist here and there.

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