Try To Watch This 8K YouTube Video...Just Try


YouTube has its first-ever 8K video - a two-minute long clip called "Ghost Towns" - but the question is will you be able to watch the 8K video?

Wondering why? Because most devices will not be able to handle a video of this capacity - 4320p - as it takes up ample system resources.

The alternate option is to view Ghost Towns in lower resolutions such as 4K, but you can give the 8K viewing experience - which is two times sharper - a shot as it supposedly runs on Chrome and Safari browsers.

The short film was first posted on Sunday, June 7, by Neumannfilms. Ghost Towns has been shot by Luke and Marika Neumann. It was shot on the Red Epic Dragon 6K camera in Portrait mode. The footage was pieced together on Adobe After Effects. Some of the shots were scaled up nearly 125 percent from 6.1K to meet the standard i.e. 7.6K. Currently, only a handful of 8K cameras available with most set to arrive in 2015.

The fact that YouTube started supporting 8K playback was first noticed by Marques Brownlee, a tech vlogger. Brownlee made the discovery a day after the 8K video made its appearance on YouTube.

While Google announced support for the feature in 2010, the company has revealed that the 8K label for YouTube was only added "earlier this year."

The YouTube clip for Ghost Towns gives a slow look at what seems to be an abandoned mining housing area. The camera pans slowly as a woman explores the barren and deserted houses, which hold a lot of intrigue.

We tried to get the 8K video to play in the 4320p resolution but without any success. All we could manage was a few stray shots for a split second, which took eons to load and the only constant was the buffering icon!

Hope you have better luck! Check out the 8K video shown.

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