Celebrate 10 Years Of YouTube With This Insane 'Alphabet Aerobics' Music Video


A lot has happened in ten years. Two different presidents have served in office, smartphones got smaller and smaller (and then bigger again), and superheroes took over the entire movie industry.

Out of everything that's happened over the course of the past decade, the creation and subsequent expansion of a little site called YouTube might be one of the most influential. To ring in its 10th birthday, YouTube devoted the entire month of May to celebrating everything that makes the video-sharing site what it is today. For each day, a letter representing a certain aspect of the site was highlighted: for instance, the letter "A" was all about animal videos, while the letter "L" stood for "Let's Play."

While the daily celebrations may have ended, YouTube isn't done celebrating: they've combined the past month's worth of coverage into an absolutely insane music video. And, considering the celebration was based off the letters of the alphabet, it only makes sense that "Alphabet Aerobics" is the track they chose to play:

It's definitely a video you'll want to watch more than once — there is so much going on at any given time that it's nearly impossible to pick up all of the little references sprinkled throughout.

Speaking of references, there are dozens of them: the video's description mentions all sorts of different videos, ranging from those amazing Old Spice ads to memes like Grumpy Cat. It goes to show just how many different videos have made an impact over the years — and just how different they were from one another.

It's a nice way to cap off a month-long celebration of all things YouTube — let's hope that the next 10 years are just as good!

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