Ever wonder if you have what it takes to rule a country while exercising brutal force a la Cesare Borgia? Look no further — scientists have created a scale to measure your less-agreeable Machiavellian qualities. (We're guessing it's better than taking a "How Machiavellian Are You?" quiz on Buzzfeed.)

Up until recently, psychologists have measured personality based on a five-prong model that can feasibly be charted. That model sports the following personality dimensions: extroversion, neuroticism, openness to new experiences, agreeableness, and conscientiousness. It however seems that experts in the field have overlooked measuring the inverse – our darker impulses – and have subsequently created a six-prong model of measurement.

The new addition to this test is the honesty-humility scale, with a set of criteria to eke our our more disagreeable aspects — such as greed, dishonesty and whatever else helps you ruthlessly conquer empires and assassinate people without a second thought. The lower you score, the more likely you are to display these types of attributes.

Curious to see how you fare? You can take the test online here

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