Hewlett Packard (HP) has created a 3D scanning solution called "3D Capture Stage" that will be available at an affordable price. However, the scanner will work only with HP Sprout.

In October 2014, HP introduced a new personal computer that was named Sprout. The computer was released in November 2014 and included a 3D camera and a projector. Experts believe that Sprout was one of the most innovative products launched in the computer industry in 2014.

With the launch of 3D Capture Stage that can be attached at the top of the system's screen, HP is taking Sprout's editing and creative expertise to a different level. The 3D Capture Stage will work with Sprout that has many applications designed for helping artists in their creative work as well as for everyday use by regular users.

"Sprout, HP's onramp to its Blended Reality strategy, is the first step on our mission to deliver truly immersive experiences," says Eric Monsef, Highly Immersive Systems, HP. "The innovative 3D Capture solution uniquely allows users to easily capture an object in 3D that can then be further modified, shared, and printed."

The 3D Capture Stage is a 3D scanner that has the ability to scan objects to up to 200 millimeters on each side with the help of a HP proprietary software.

The 3D scanner has can scan entire surface of an object barring the base. However, users can combine several scans for completely mapping an object. The camera can detect color as well as texture and precisely uploads these details to the computer. The 3D Capture Stage can be connected to all existing Sprouts with a USB 3.0 and users will not need any more additional hardware.

A scanned object can be edited with a number of software editors and also be printed even with 3D printers. 3D printing is getting very popular but not everyone has 3D printers; however, HP is working on a solution that will make 3D printing easy and convenient for its customers. The company announced that it is working with print service providers where users can order 3D prints, which would be delivered by mail.

HP reveals that the 3D Capture Stage will be available at an affordable price tag of $299 from various resellers and retailers across the U.S. Interested customers can also visit Sprout's official website to get more details about the personal computer and the 3D scanning accessory. HP also revealed that a free scanning software upgrade for the Sprout personal computer will be available from July this year.

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