According to a report by Re/code, Hewlett Packard will soon be unveiling a new product called Sprout, which will be a combination of a desktop computer, a projector and a 3D scanner.

Sources told Re/code that the company will be demonstrating the device at a New York event held on Oct. 29.

Earlier this month, HP revealed that it will be splitting up into two companies. One company will be an enterprise business that will focus on the data center, while the other company will have increased flexibility as it focuses on the PC and printer business.

HP CEO Meg Whitman said that the PC side will be exploring "new computing experiences," and the Sprout could be the first foray into the said exploration.

Sprout will be combining a large flat-screen display, which is like the display used in HP's Pavilion Touchsmart products that are touch-enabled desktop computers, along with a flat, touch-enabled work surface. The device will also include an overhead assembly that combines a projector and a 3D scanner.

The overhead assembly will project images towards the work surface, which can be operated using a stylus or with just the user's bare hands. Users can change the size of pictures, move components around or switch colors. Users will also be able to add new components to the image by using the scanner for other images and even objects, transferring the scan directly onto the work surface. Physical objects can be scanned easily by the equipped 3D scanner.

Sprout will be running Windows as its operating system upon launch. However, versions in the future could be able to run the ChromeOS developed by Google.

The base price for the device, however, has not yet been identified.

Sprout was developed by a team with Eric Monsef as the leader. Monsef used to work for Apple as a hardware executive.

The device will mainly be sold to enterprises as it has several business applications, especially in the field of design. However, Sprout may also be marketed to prosumers, which are high-end customers that share certain needs with professionals.

Companies can use Sprout to show clients different versions of a specific product to aid in the buying decision. A home improvement shop can use a picture of a room to show how it would look when installed with new wallpaper or re-painted. Clothing stores can take a picture of a customer and a piece of clothing to show how it would look on the customer without the need to go to the changing room to try on the merchandise. The device, of course, can simply just allow professionals such as executives and teachers to come up with better-looking and more impactful presentations.

Sprout will show HP breaking away from the traditional products in the personal computer industry, where most companies focus on the creation of desktop computers, laptops and tablets.

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