Every individual is unique and for this reason, each has his own unique set of criteria when choosing the right smartphone. The word "right" doesn't necessarily mean that it is the best or the top of the line. It actually depends on who is owning the phone and how he intends to use it. This way, the person can truly maximize every feature of his handset. He can easily feel satisfied knowing that he is using a device that meets his mobile needs.

One of the thriving communities in the mobile world is Android. At the height of its popularity, it's no wonder why a number of companies have been launching their new Android smartphone iteration almost every day. While this trend allows the consumer to have a variety of options, it can also be stressful when one has to make a final decision in choosing a good handset.

Luckily, Google understands such dilemma and has recently launched a new website which aims to help Android fans in choosing the right smartphone based on their mobile computing needs. The person just need to answer three or even more questions. After the questioning part, the site can start suggesting phones.

The title on the page which says "Find the Android phone for you" is very direct and straight to the point. It also sounds like it has the purpose of doing some serious business and that it has no time to play around. To start choosing a phone, the user can click on the green rectangular-shaped box that says "Get Started."

The next page is where the fun begins. It is similar to answering a psychology-like test because at this point, the user gets to understand his personality more. Here, the user should be able to point out what he intends to use his Android phone for. He can choose from several options such as taking photos, listening to music, being productive, social media, gaming, watching videos, being on the go, staying fit, texting & instant messaging, talking, web browsing and expressing my style. While this may seem very easy to do, the resulting answers can somehow show just how much the user really knows himself.

After an option has been chosen, the next page would ask just how frequently the user intends to do the activity. One example is when the user chooses "web browsing." The question on the next page would then ask "How often do you browse the web on your phone?"

This process of choosing an option and answering the question on how often the user intends to use such option should wrap up until at least a third option has been made and when the page finally says that it has found matches for the user.

Another interesting thing about the site is how it gives the user the chance to choose a carrier that would help him narrow down further his search. These include AT&T, Sprint, T-Mobile and Verizon. There's even an option that will allow the user to continue searching even if he plans to postpone doing the carrier choosing part.

The next page would then show the various Android phones that the user may like. He can even continue customizing his search with the added options on the page that allows him to choose a carrier, the phone's size, pricing, and the latest phones.

The page is free which means that the user can do his search as many times as he wants if he feels like he wants to change his previous options. In a way, it's also a good site to find out the best Android phone to buy as a gift for a friend or a family member, which is of course a different story.

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