Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge Iron Man Edition Sells For $91,000 In China


A Chinese buyer has just plunked down the equivalent of $91,000 for one Samsung Galaxy 6 Edge Iron Man Edition smartphone. The buyer was the top bidder in an auction run by a Chinese retailer.

We recently told you about the newly released Iron Man Edition of the Galaxy S6 Edge, manufactured by Samsung in collaboration with Marvel. The red and gold adorned handset features the model's unique dual-edged curved display, comes with a matching wireless charging pad, and is available only in Samsung's home base of Korea along with Hong Kong and China.

The production of the Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge Iron Man Edition is limited to 1,000 units, so it might be expected that those who were able to get their hands on a device might be able to make a pretty penny by reselling it. The handset retails for the equivalent of $1,079, which is already quite pricey for what is basically a decorated phone.

Chinese retailer decided to auction off one unit of the smartphone, featuring serial number 66, to the highest bidder. After an incredible 92,429 bids on the device, one lucky Chinese buyer won the smartphone for the equivalent of $91,600.

There's another reason for the huge price tag, however, besides the limited availability of the Galaxy S6 Edge Iron Man Edition. In China, the number 6 is revered and considered extremely lucky, and therefore the number 66 is considered doubly lucky. That's apparently why the bidding went so high on the device.

We can't wait to find out who has the Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge Iron Man Edition with serial number 666, and what that would go for if auctioned, assuming the number 666 doesn't sport the same devilish connotations in China that it does in the U.S.

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