EA's Need for Speed racing franchise took a break last year following the release of Need for Speed Rivals in 2013. Now, a new entry, simply titled Need for Speed, is set to release this year, and it is looking at the entire franchise's history for inspiration.

Shown for the first time at EA's E3 press conference, the game looks to combine the car chases of Hot Pursuit, the customization from games like Underground and the social systems and visuals from Rivals.

The game will take place in an open world where players race in order to become the ultimate racing icon. EA says the game will be twice the size of Rival's world, and the game's visuals, running off DICE's Frostbite engine, are definitely impressive.

Need for Speed's narrative will revolve around five overlapping stories, each focused on one of the five different means of progression in the game. The first is speed, followed by style, build, crew and outlaw. Each type of progression draws upon elements of Need for Speed games from the past.

You can switch between these various play styles of specialization in order to become the top racing icon in the game's fictional world of Ventura Bay.

However, EA didn't just talk up their game. They showed off a substantial chunk of gameplay as well. The demo reel starts in a garage with live action footage before seamlessly transitioning into car customization. From there, the player took his car to the streets for a race. Soon enough, the cops showed up, as players drifted around corners and made epic jumps in order to elude their pursuers.

Need for Speed is coming to Xbox One, PlayStation 4 and PC on Nov. 3.

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