Ubisoft is no stranger to making big surprises at E3, and it looks like this year's show is no different: Ubisoft Montreal just revealed For Honor, a brand-new IP.

This isn't just another Assassin's Creed or Rainbow Six: this is an entirely new genre for the studio, and from the looks of things, For Honor could be a huge change of pace for multiplayer gaming.

Swords and shields are typically kept out of multiplayer modes — if you're not shooting at someone, you're probably not playing a multiplayer game. For Honor is looking to change that: it's a four vs. four, team-based combat game with a huge focus on tactical melee combat. Basically, it's like riding into an ancient medieval battle with three friends and mowing down waves upon waves of enemies.

That's no hyperbole, either: the demo kicks off with literal legions of computer-controlled combatants rushing into battle against waves of bulked-up samurai. The game mode is called "Dominion," and it's all about controlling the map.

Right from the get-go, there appears to be a big Dynasty Warriors influence: there aren't many games out there with waves of medieval soldiers charging at each other full-force. That being said, while players can still mow down computer-controlled enemies without much effort, everything changes as soon as another player enters the battlefield.

Human-controlled combatants can take on many different shapes and sizes: throughout the trailer, it's possible to spot vikings, knights and samurais, as well as female soldiers — perhaps Ubisoft is learning from all of the Assassin's Creed Unity backlash ...

Player vs. player combat is completely different from regular battles: the camera zooms in, AI soldiers disperse and the fighting systems become far more complex. If attacking computer-controlled soldiers is like a hack-and-slash, then fighting another player is like a simulation. Blocking, positioning, timing and stance all play a major role ... and it'll certainly help to have a teammate on standby, too.

All in all, the demo was a short one ... but it's definitely worth taking a look at. Multiplayer games can blend into one another, so something this far out of left field could definitely shake things up — if you want to check out the full demo for yourself, just click the video below:

Sadly, there's no word on a release date quite yet, but Ubisoft is teasing something special for fans that visit For Honor's blog.

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