Ubisoft has kept the focus on Rainbow Six Siege's multiplayer mode, but players have been wondering if the game might feature a single-player story mode of some kind. While it isn't a story mode, Ubisoft did announce the game will have a co-op vs. AI mode called Terror Hunt.

It's a mode that is returning from Rainbow Six Vegas 1 and 2, where a group of players had to systematically eliminate a group of deadly and intelligent AI terrorist enemies on any given map. Siege looks to add more variety to the mode by including various objectives players must overcome in addition to battling through waves of enemies.

In a lengthy gameplay demo of Terror Hunt, a group of five players fight to defuse a bomb and defend the area from approaching enemies. All the various features we've seen in the game so far make their way into this co-op mode: destructible environments, close quarters combat and one-life per round.

Though Ubisoft didn't confirm a single-player story mode, the publisher did unveil a new, cinematic trailer that sets the stage for the upcoming game. Actress Angela Bassett appears in the trailer as the director of team Rainbow, going only by the name of "Six." She then appeared on stage to talk about her involvement in the game.

Once again, no story mode was confirmed, though it seems curious to bring such a talented actress on board for the sole purpose of one cinematic trailer. If the game does have a story mode, Ubisoft might want to announce it soon. Rainbow Six Siege launches on Xbox One, PlayStation 4 and PC on Oct. 13.

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