Our mornings were saved when Starbucks rolled out its new mobile app that allowed customers to preorder their drinks and pick them up in store without waiting on those long lines.

The mobile ordering option, which also allowed customers to pay from their phones, originally kicked off in December in Portland for iOS users, but now many more coffee drinkers will get to enjoy the perks of downloading and using the app.

Starbucks announced on Tuesday that it will expand its mobile ordering service to include 25 more states in 3,4000 shop locations.

The added states include: Alabama, Alaska, Arizona, Colorado, Florida, Georgia, Idaho, Kansas, Louisiana, Mississippi, Montana, Nebraska, Nevada, New Mexico, North Carolina, North Dakota, Oklahoma, Oregon, South Carolina, South Dakota, Texas, Utah, Virginia, Washington and Wyoming.

The new location additions that support the Mobile Order & Pay option will now encompass more than half of Starbuck's stores.

The mobile ordering app is said to eventually be an option for all the Seattle-based coffee company's locations. There are plans to expand to Android, but as of now, this option is still exclusive to iOS.

The app currently has 16 million active users and processes approximately 8 million mobile payments per week — so it looks like more people are taking advantage of ordering frapps through the app. Customers simply select the "order" option in the app to select their items. There is the ability to customize an order, so you don't have to worry about not getting your Marble Frapp the way you like it.

The app then taps into the GPS functionality on the user's iPhone, so that their order can be sent to the nearest location that accepts the Mobile Order & Pay feature. Once the costumer selects the location, they then get to skip the line since their beverage is already made and paid for. The app even provides wait times so you know how long you have until your drink is ready,

Back in October, Starbucks CEO Howard Schultz also announced plans to offer a delivery option as part of its mobile app's loyalty program. The option for delivery was reported to only be available in select cities, and is expected to roll out sometime this year. No other details about this feature have yet been revealed.

Costumers in the added locations can download the app to see if the service is accepted in their local Starbucks.

Photo: m01229 | Flickr

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