Square Enix may have revealed Deus Ex: Mankind Divided before E3 2015, but it was missing something — gameplay. The story trailer was great, no one's arguing that — but watching a CG video just isn't the same as watching something that was built in-game.

Sadly, the trailer shown at Square Enix's E3 2015 press conference wasn't a straight gameplay demonstration — that being said, everything was built in the engine itself, meaning that fans can catch a glimpse of what the game will actually look like when it hits PC and consoles.

Additionally, while the trailer may have been short, it's clear that Square Enix and Eidos are taking everything they learned from Human Revolution and putting it straight into Deus Ex: Mankind Divided. In short: anyone who wasn't sure about Deus Ex and its upcoming sequel have nothing to worry about.

Sadly, there wasn't much in the way of new information: most of the gameplay mechanics and new augmentations shown in the E3 trailer actually made their debut in the announcement teaser. That being said, fans now have a better idea of exactly where Adam Jensen is at.

Jensen's no longer a security officer who gets in way over his head: he's now working for Interpol as part of a anti-terrorist task force ... but it's never that simple. Jensen suspects that Interpol is being controlled by the ever-present Illuminati, and it isn't long before Jensen finds himself at the middle of a global conspiracy yet again.

In terms of gameplay, it's been confirmed that Human Revolution's PED gun is now built into Jensen's mechanical arms — on top of that, his hidden blades can now be fired as projectiles. The augmentations look like complements of one another: one lethal, one not. It fits into the series' tradition of allowing players to progress through the game without killing a single person ... and it looks awesome.

Weapon upgrades have also become far easier to use: while it's only in the trailer for a brief moment, it's clear that players will be able to change up weapon attachments and upgrades in real-time. From the looks of things, it's a system similar to that of Crysis, though there's a chance that the system could change drastically before launch.

Unfortunately, that's about it for new information. Deus Ex: Mankind Divided looks great so far — let's just hope that it isn't too long before anyone gets to see uninterrupted gameplay.

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