Adam Jensen lives!

Since the excellent Deus Ex: Human Revolution dropped back in 2011, there was no doubt in players' minds that a sequel would be produced. It was only a matter of when.

Thanks to leaked information and visuals, that sequel has a name and screen shots and looks to be closer to release than ever before.

It's called Deus Ex: Mankind Divided, and it's set after the events of the first game. Based on the leaked screen shots, the developers are following the same gold-hued production design as before, and one shot shows that the protagonist is unmistakably Adam Jensen.

The information comes from a Russian gaming website, and while the site's sources are unknown, the screen shots appear to be authentic. Mankind Divided runs on a new game engine that's compatible with PS4, Xbox One and high-end PCs.

Among the revelations in the Russian site's report are details on upgrades to Jensen's augmentations, like the ability to scan enemies through walls for ammo and gear and hacking turrets and computers from a distance. Adam also gets an upgrade to his retractable nano-blades (the ones on his arms) that lets him shoot them crossbow-style, and a nano-shield that can block enemy bullets. Enemies will be much smarter and attack in groups.

The story is being kept top secret. All we know for sure is that the four available endings of Human Revolution have been tossed out in favor of a new canonical ending that leads into Mankind Divided (no, your HR save games will not be importable). In the new game, humanity has been divided into two classes or castes: augmented people and normal people. You can also expect plenty of globe-trotting, though only one location has been confirmed — Prague.

The currently-running Project CKP on Twitch, which some are describing as an augmented reality game, is part of Square Enix's reveal. The mystery man being held captive must be an enemy to one of society's two castes.

Update: Game Informer has just announced that its May cover story is on Deus Ex: Mankind Divided. The magazine says that Mankind Divided is set two years after Human Revolution, teaming Adam Jensen up with a new law agency that's tasked with hunting down and capturing augmented terrorists — a job he sees as a shot at redemption.

The world now "hates and fears" augmented humans thanks to something that happened at the end of the last game, making Adam's job considerably more difficult. At least he's got a suite of awesome new abilities to even the odds.

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