If you find yourself checking your phone once in a while and you just can't help yourself using over 60 apps on your phone a day, consider yourself a 'Mobile Addict.'

Sounds like a colloquial term but it is a legitimate one coined by mobile analytics company Flurry to describe people who launch apps in their smartphones, tablets, or phablets over 60 times a day. To put it simply, a Mobile Addict is someone who uses apps six times more than the average consumer who only uses apps ten times in a day.

In just a year, people have noticeably become more inclined to mobile technology. Data from Flurry Analytics showed that Mobile Addicts continue to bolster in numbers as it is evident in the 123-percent increase rate during the first quarter of 2014, skyrocketing from 79 million in 2013 to a whopping 176 million in 2014. Compare it to the users who use apps for an average of 16 times or less a day. Super Users recorded only 55 percent while the Regular Users had a 23-percent growth from last year's statistics.

And who made the cut of being the most addicted according to Flurry Analytics? They are the teens, the college students, and the middle-age parents-and most of them are females.

Majority of the Mobile Addicts are female with 52 percent, meaning there are 15 million female Mobile Addicts in the total 176 million mobile addict population than the male ones.

While teens (aged 13 to 17), college students (aged 18 to 24) and middle aged parents (aged 35 to 54), are found to be more addicted to mobile phones than the other age groups.

Teens and college students are understandably hooked into gadgets, due to lifestyles and currents trends.

"We were not surprised by teens being part of the group. Their youth coincided with the mobile revolution - they are not just accustomed to mobile, they expect their mobile device to handle nearly every type of task and communication," Flurry shared.

The middle-aged group, meanwhile, was surprising outcome. It beat the percentage of teens by 15 percent. But perhaps, Flurry concluded, it was because this group is likely to share gadgets with the other members of the family.

"This analysis of the Mobile Addict should give us a sneak preview into the make-up of early-adopters of Wearables, and what types of apps and experiences will resonate with them," Flurry said in a statement. "After all, the people who we consider 'Mobile Addicts' are already essentially wearing their devices 24/7/365."

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