E3 2015: The Best Booths And Displays From The Show Floor


When you first walk through the doors of E3, your senses are instantly assaulted by a smorgasbord of all things geek.

You can marvel at the rust-encrusted sight of Mad Max’s trusty Magnum Opus, take in a climactic battle of the Dark Souls or gaze upon a crashed Snowspeeder on the planet Hoth all before lunch. And we’re not talking about anything happening in a video game—we’re talking about the incredible interactive booths that the video game industry set up all around the L.A. Convention Center to help advertise these blockbuster games.

Over the years, the E3 booths have become just as big a part of the show as the games themselves. Part billboards and part works of art, these booths serve two purposes: they create awareness for a title, and they help a company stick out from the brightly-colored paella that is the convention show floor. If you have a memorable booth, no one at E3 will forget you.

While most of the trailers, screenshots and breaking news can be enjoyed by anyone who didn’t attend the show, the beauty of the booths is something that is reserved just for attendees. Well we’re here to give you folks at home a taste of the show floor with a look at some of the best booths E3 2015 has to offer.

Mad Max's Magnum Opus Looks Ready To Do Damage (Or Be On The Set Of Sanford And Son)

You Can Bet Master Chief Is Giving His Replacement The Side Eye Under That Mask

This Dark Souls Display Could Give WETA A Run For Its Money

EA Brought Out An Iconic Piece Of Star Wars For Its Battlefront Display

2K's Booth Served A Purpose By Confirming Finn Balor For WWE 2K16 

The BFG Was On Hand For The Big Doom Display

Bethesda's Dishonored Display Featured This Monstrosity

Also An Intricate Assassin's Mask To Get Gamers Hyped For The Sequel

Any Fallout Fan Should Know What This Is

Lego Or Not, Hulk Doesn't Look Right Without His Purple Pants

Ecto-1. Really, What More Needs To Be Said?

Square's Metal Gear Solid V Booth Is As Weird As You'd Expect

Not Pictured: Me Proposing

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All Photos: Jason Serafino

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