It looks like Amazon's once top-end Paperwhite e-reader is about to become an even more attractive mid-range option in the company's Kindle line. Amazon has just announced and upgraded version of the device, which will come equipped with a 6-inch screen boasting same 300ppi resolution found in the more expensive Kindle Voyage.

Along with it, Amazon is also bringing its own Bookley font and a new typesetting engine to the device, which it says will let "help customers read faster with less eyestrain."

Otherwise, the device looks to be the same as the existing Paperwhite, offering the usual features like Whispersync, X-Ray and Goodreads integration, and your choice of WiFi-only or 3G-equipped models. Features like the adaptive front light and haptic touch sensors, however, remain exclusive to the Voyage.

Also staying the same is the price, with the base WiFi model with "special offers" starting at $119 -- it's still an extra $20 to get rid of the ads.

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