Pablo Sandoval definitely liked what he seen.

The Boston Red Sox slugging third baseman was caught liking several Instagram photos of women during what turned out to be a 5-2 loss to the Atlanta Braves on Wednesday. Reportedly, Sandoval excused himself from the dugout to use the bathroom during the seventh inning and that's when he whipped out his cell phone and started liking away on Instagram, including a revealing shot of IG user @diva_legacy.

Not exactly what Boston wants to see from Sandoval, who signed a five-year, $95 million contract with the organization during this past offseason.

With the story spreading and embarrassing the Red Sox, the team benched Sandoval on Thursday, but still wound up defeating the Braves, 5-2, to split the four-game series.

"Regardless of what has gone on, a win is always a good thing," Red Sox manager John Farrell told ESPN after the victory. "We need as many as we can get, obviously. "

Sandoval's Instagram liking conjures memories of 2011 Red Sox starting pitchers chugging down beers and eating chicken in the clubhouse during games. But at least those pitchers weren't doing it on days they were playing.

Sandoval was liking Instagram pics in the middle of a game he was playing! For what it's worth, despite being preoccupied, Sandoval still went 2-for-4 from the plate.

Remember star athletes and celebrities alike...nothing you do on social media goes unnoticed. Click and swipe at your own risk.

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