While the hybrid dinosaurs wreaked havoc all over Jurassic World, these wiener dogs can sure take a bite out of anything that gets in their way too—even if it means tearing to pieces some stuffed toys as they frolic through the grass on their stumpy legs.

All of the dinosaurs have been replaced in this YouTube video "Jurassic Weenies," and it's absolutely adorable!

Watch the bloodthirsty wiener dogs break out of their park enclosures and start to "kill for sport" while the equally adorable Chris Pratt explains how you must respect the animals and never try to control them.

Helicopter and Bazooka are the two dachshunds that star in "Jurassic Weenies," and they completely steal the spotlight from Pratt and his silver screen co-star Bryce Dallas Howard.

The Weenies belong to video uploader Anna Schatte, an actress who has posted many other pop culture parody and comedy videos starring herself or her two dogs. The movie trailer parody was co-created with freelance videographer and editor Calvin Millar.

Her latest 55-second video has earned over 300,000 views since it was first uploaded on YouTube on June 12. Even Schatte posted on her Facebook page that she can't believe that her two dogs "have taken over the Internet" since the video had gone viral.

Now, we can only hope that Universal will pick up on this cash cow (or cash weenies) and remake another Jurassic sequel filled with weenie dogs running amuck—complete with terrorized pink sock monkey chew toys in their jaws.

Check out Schatte's "Jurassic" video right here:

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