Homer and Marge Simpson assure all their fans that they will stay TOGETHER FOREVER in an official video released on the YouTube page of Fox Network's Animation Domination.

The long-time married couple decided to come forward with their statement after Simpsons executive producer, Al Jean, almost broke the Internet with news that they would legally separate at the start of the 27th season of the animated sitcom.

Even the couple's eldest child, Bart, showed his anger at the rumors being spread about his parents' supposed breakup when The Simpsons posted an image of him with his famous opening sequence chalkboard phrases saying, "HOMER AND MARGE ARE NOT BREAKING UP."

According to early reports that followed Jean's announcement on the legal separation, it was thought that Homer would help to heal his wounded heart by sparkng a relationship with his pharmacist, who would be voiced by comedienne Lena Dunham.

This would not be the first time Homer would potentially stray from his blue-haired spouse. In 1992, he was the manager for waitress-turned-country singer Lurleen Lumpkin, who was certainly tempting him to "bunk" with her. In the end, he returned home to his true lady love and mother of his three children Marge.

Likewise, Marge has also had her run-ins with temptations over the years. In 1990, she became infatuated with her French bowling instructor Jaques. Even the kids began to worry about their parents splitting up at the time. All was well in the end when Marge chose to continue her life with Homer.

In their official statement video, Homer and Marge are sitting amid flowers and pink and purple furniture and drapery. Marge begins the video, explaining that she and "Homey" want to address the "baseless rumors" about their marriage.

Watch for yourselves what everybody's favorite Springfield couple has to say:

See the happy family together forever when The Simpsons returns for its 27th season on Sept. 27.

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