Billing its Sprout as the world's first immersive PC, Hewlett-Packard's "blended reality" computer will also mark the Deskjet company's first foray into 3D printing starting in July, with the the release of a software update to 3D Snapshot called 3D Capture.

Coupled with a 3D Capture Stage scanner, the upgrade will walk users through the process of scanning objects and exporting them for printing in 3D.

"3D Capture allows you to capture any 3D object that would fit on a carousel or the Sprout mat and scan it," said Jim Christensen, media director at HP.  "Once it's scanned you're then able to change it, manipulate it and then print it."

3D Capture works with the Sprout's built-in camera to capture an object's shape, color and texture and create a virtual 3D model that can be tweaked or shared with collaborators as an animated GIF. It will be available to all Sprout users in July, even those who take a pass on the 3D Capture Stage, a rotating turntable that connects to the Sprout via USB.

HP has yet to develop a native 3D printer and the 3D Capture software is designed to export .OBJ files to third-party providers, after they're edited. The 3D Capture Stage goes on sale at the Sprout website and select U.S. retailers for $299 next month. The stage supports objects up to 4.4 pounds in weight and up to 7.5 inches in height, and rotates and tilts to fully scan the object. The Sprout is HP's all-in-one desktop, with an overheard projector/camera and a touch mat that can act as a second screen.

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