Smartwatches have brought computers to our wrist, but what if we could control them with just a few flicks of our fingers? A new wearable accessory is making this magic a reality by allowing consumers to control their smart devices by simply making hand gestures.

Developed by Deus Ex Technology, Aria is a is an accessory that clips onto the wristband of a smartwatch or comes as a Bluetooth clip that allows the user to control their device by waving their hand and making finger gestures.

"Today's devices are awesome. They way we control them is not — especially for wearables," says Deus Ex Technology founder Alfredo Belfiori. "From these high-tech gadgets on the market, I would expect a super engaging experience."

No magic wand necessary, Aria is fitted with sensors that read the user's muscle movements in the wrist to determine actions. That means the user can go complete hands-free, without having to tap small touchscreens or push buttons with a free hand.

Compatible with all the Android Wear smartwatches, along with Pebble Time, Aria's sensors analyze 20 difference movements, such as a tapping the pointer finger in the air or flicking the thumb up or down and a series of combinations. The user decides which finger gestures mean what controls. The commands are then interpreted by algorithms, and the the device for Android Wear uses Bluetooth to communicate these controls to the device, whereas the company's smartstrap version for Pebble Time uses wired communication.

The technology allows the user to play music, scroll through emails and answer calls on smartwatches with just a few flicks, but it can also take a picture on a GoPro and control both iPhones and Android phones after connecting to Wi-Fi — all by just using hand signals. The commands only work when the user raises their arm, so you don't have to worry about arm dialing someone in your contacts by mistake.

Deus Ex has created a Kickstarter campaign to bring this smartwatch finger-control accessory to the shelves. It has already received over $90,000 of its $100,000 goal, with 26 more days to go.

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