Move over HBO — Showtime just one-upped you in offering services not tied to a cable or satellite subscription. Showtime has announced that it just signed a deal with Hulu to offer its content on the streaming service — for an additional price to Hulu subscribers, of course.

This means that those interested in Showtime's programming – such as Penny Dreadful and Masters of Sex – can watch the series via their Hulu subscriptions (again, if they pay extra for it) on every TV and device compatible with Hulu (that's almost everything).

"Hulu is an important launch partner for Showtime as we continue to expand our service across new platforms and distributors, reaching new consumers wherever a broadband connection is available," said Showtime Networks CEO Matthew Blank to Deadline.

So how much extra will a Showtime subscription through Hulu cost? Well, it's not bad as you think. For just $8.99 per month (plus the price of a Hulu subscription, which is $7.99 per month), Hulu users can watch Showtime content where they want and when they want. That's just about $17 a month for both Hulu's massive programming and Showtime's programming.

Hulu viewers can watch their shows on a variety of devices, including their Smart TV, Roku, Xbox One, Nintendo, PlayStation 3, PlayStation 4, Amazon Fire and Chromecast. Showtime via the Hulu app will also be available on both iOS and Android mobile devices.

Earlier this month, Showtime announced it would join HBO in offering a standalone subscription service for users who wished to watch Showtime solely via the Internet. That service – which launches in July – is currently limited to Apple devices, and costs $10.99 per month.

The partnership is interesting, considering that whereas Showtime is owned by CBS, the corporation continues to opt out of putting CBS content on Hulu. It's likely that CBS made this move on Showtime's behalf in order to undercut HBO's efforts at reaching subscribers who have cut the cable and satellite cords.

The deal is a win-win for Hulu, which is quickly becoming one of the better streaming services available for newer content.

"We are always looking to give our subscribers access to the best content available," said Hulu CEO Mike Hopkins. "The robust slate of Showtime original programming, movies, and specials together with Hulu's strength in current season programming, library acquisitions and original programming makes a powerful combination."

Showtime has not yet announced the date that its programming will become available on Hulu.

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