Speedrunner Finishing 'Super Mario World' In 23 Minutes While Blindfolded Is Completely Insane


Super Mario World isn't exactly an easy game, but that doesn't stop speedrunners from regularly finishing it in record time.

Finishing a game super fast? That's impressive. Finishing a game super fast while blindfolded? That's just plain crazy — and it's exactly what speedrunner PangaeaPanga recently did.

His complete blind playthrough clocks in at 23 minutes and 14 seconds. It's not the fastest time for finishing Super Mario World by any means — but let's not forget, the guy was freakin' blindfolded.

He has the game memorized to an insane degree. Every jump. Every enemy. Not to say that he doesn't make mistakes (he does), but the sheer level of dedication, memorization and skill on display is mind-boggling. In that whole run, he only died four times and he really only got sidetracked once.

Perhaps even crazier is the amount of practice PangaeaPanga had to put in — not because he had to train for months or years to pull this off, but because he only started trying to play blindfolded on June 16, with full run attempts beginning on June 20.

In barely a week of practice, PangaeaPanga cleared the entirety of Super Mario World – a game some people can't even finish given 20 hours – in 23 minutes, without even being able to see what Mario was doing onscreen. You have permission to pick your jaw up off the floor.

You can follow PangaeaPanga for more speedrunning craziness here on Twitch. Watch the full blindfolded speedrun below.

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