You're a Super Mario Bros. fanatic. A super fan. The kind of fan that other fans can't even dream about being.

You've also got mad knitting skills. You can knit like nobody's business. Martha Stewart just wants you dead.

Your life choices have lead you to these two passions, so what are you going to do? Combine them, of course. It's time, my friends, for the Super Mario Bros. blanket to end all blankets.

Our superfan's friend posted images of the amazing technicolor dream blanket to Imgur and Reddit, where one Redditor noticed that insanely intricate blanket pattern is identical to the start screen from Super Mario All-Stars. That game was originally made for the Super Nintendo (SNES) console, way back in 1993. (It was re-released for the Wii five years ago.) So the knitter clearly goes way back with Mario as well.

Based on the photos, we're guessing that the knitted blanket measures somewhere around four feet by six feet. Or maybe four by five. However big it is, the person that posted these images online noted that it took 800 hours of work to make the thing, spread out across more than six years.

We give it very high marks for craftsmanship, but even higher for determination.

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