Some T-Mobile Apple iPhone 6 And iPhone 5s Users Complain Of BSOD And Random Restarts


T-Mobile customers using an iPhone 6, iPhone 6 Plus or an iPhone 5s report complaints about their iPhones turning into the dreadful blue screen of death before restarting.

The irate users have taken to Reddit, Twitter and Facebook to voice their annoyances over the new problem plaguing iPhones running on T-Mobile's networks. The problem appears to have cropped up on Wednesday morning, when many users say their iPhones started randomly flashing the blue screen then automatically restarting, without their doing anything. For many people, the blue screen restarts happen many times over the day.

"I have an iPhone 6 Plus on T-Mobile and mine just started doing the blue screen restart this morning," said one user on Reddit. "It gave me a blue screen and restarted five times in a row."

Several other users have flocked to Twitter to voice out their frustrations, with some of them not forgetting to keep the humor in times of distress.

Customers have approached both T-Mobile and Apple for help. T-Mobile suspects the problem is being caused by memory problems, although it would hardly be a memory problem if it is limited to T-Mobile. A handful of users with iPhones running on Canada's Bell and Koodo and Australia's Telstra also say they are experiencing the issue, but one could count their numbers by the fingers of one hand.

One customer who spoke with a T-Mobile representative said the carrier suggests a number of solutions. Users can do a hard restart, or hold the power button down for 10 seconds until the iPhone restarts. Some users who have tried the hard restart report that the problem has stopped on their iPhones, but others say the problem persists. For people who still keep getting the blue screen, T-Mobile says to delete the phone's text messages. And if all else fails, users need to back up their devices and do a full factory restore in iTunes.

Another possible solution is to disable Wi-Fi calling, wait for a few minutes then re-enable it. Many users report disabling Wi-Fi calling fixes the issue, but it is not an optimal solution especially for users who need the feature turned on.

T-Mobile and Apple have yet to issue official statements about the problem.

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