The Ztylus iPhone case comes with a revolving lens attachment that gives you 4 lenses for every type of photograph.

Techtimes caught up with Ztylus at CE Week in New York where the case won the best smartphone accessory award.

COO Thomas Chen calls it a case but the Ztylus is less about protecting your phone than it is creating at attachment point for some pretty cool accessories. The case itself is pretty standard, but unclip a round disc at the back and you can attached Ztylus' rotating four lens accessory.

The attachment clings to the rear centre of the iPhone but with a simple flick a new camera lens rotates out to sit over the standard iPhone lens. Users can select a fish eye, wide angle, macro or circular polarizer lens (which reduces glare) depending on what type of picture they want to take.

The standard plastic case including the rotating lens retails at $80 - $100 from or Amazon or Ebay. There's also a metal case ($100 - $120) or a limited rose gold case ($150) but both have the same rotating lens. All cases are available for the iPhone 5, iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus. You can also get a rosewood handle grip for $20 - $30.

Ztylus is hoping to add more attachments and already has an LED ring light with attaches to the case which according to COO Thomas Chen is the first ring light accessory for a smart phone. "We're looking to push the idea of a multifunctional case rather than just a lens attachment", Chen told Techtimes. The case is just a means to creating more versatile accessories and some of the ideas Chen says they're working on include a beer bottle opener and a speaker. If they're as useful and easy to use as the rotating camera, bring 'em on!.

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