The biggest geek gathering of the year is nearly upon us; that's right, San Diego Comic-Con is almost here, and with it comes hundreds of convention exclusive toys you won't see anywhere else.

Toys "R" Us is getting in on the action this year by offering some exclusive figures not only at the convention itself but online as well at starting on July 9. There are a wide range of properties represented, from Transformers to Star Wars, so let's dive in.

First up is this Batman vs. Harley Quinn two-pack, featuring Harley in her iconic black, red and white harlequin outfit. This one will be available at the Con and online.

While we are on the subject of Batman, this Batgirl figure from the classic Batman television show will also be available. It features 16 points of articulation and is modeled closely off actress Yvonne Craig's likeness. The figure comes with a base that can be displayed along with one of two retro city backdrops. This figure will also be available at the Con and online.

Enough about Batman: let's get to Star Wars. This new "Black Series" set will bring to life one of Return of the Jedi's most memorable scenes, as Luke battles it out with the Rancor beneath Jabba's palace. The set includes Luke, Leia in her slave outfit, C-3PO, a Gamorrean guard, Jabba the Hutt and, of course, the mighty Rancor itself. A shame the Rancor handler isn't also included, but it's hard to complain when this set already looks amazing. You can snag it ahead of time at the convention or online, but if you don't get one, don't worry. This set will become available at Toys "R" Us nationwide later this year.

If giant robots are more your speed, Toy "R" Us has you covered there as well. First up is Masterpiece Bluestreak from Transformers, the chatterbox Autobot who goes from sports car to Decepticon blasting robot warrior. Bluestreak will also be available early at the convention and online before rolling out to stores in the coming months.

Then, there is Power Rangers' Megazord. We all remember the original red and white Megazord, formed when the various dinosaur mechs of the Power Rangers combine into one. This figure boasts a sharp black and gold color scheme that is different from the original but every bit as badass. You can grab it online, at the convention or wait for it to come to stores.

There are a selection of My Little Pony and G.I. Joe figures as well, so be sure to head on over to the Toys "R" Us Comic-Con page for all the details.

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