The hype surrounding No Man's Sky is gaining new dimensions, as some neat extended footage has now surfaced to build up more excitement.

Hello Games showcased its No Man's Sky sandbox space recently at the Electronic Entertainment Expo (E3) 2015 and stirred lots of interest but disclosed little information about the actual gameplay.

No Man's Sky is the world's largest sandbox, big enough to fit 18 quintillion planets (18 followed by 18 zeros), allowing players to explore a procedurally generated galaxy that never ends. The focus is on the different planets, each of them containing their unique experiences, flora, and fauna, thus allowing players to explore different worlds. Along the way, players will reach various planets that may be hospitable or not, encounter hostile or neutral fauna, discover various resources, and more.

The end-goal in No Man's Sky, however, is not simply to explore and perhaps colonize a planet or two, but to reach the center of the universe. Players will have a space ship and some tools to help them on their way, but they will also have to find more resources to upgrade their technology so they can ultimately reach the center of the universe. No Man's Sky allows players to explore all they want, traveling from one planet to another in this made-up universe.

Roughly six minutes of No Man's Sky gameplay footage now gives the world a slightly better idea of what they can expect from this much-hyped title, although there's still much more to grasp. The extended footage is now available courtesy of Cobra TV, but it still doesn't show how everything works or how players make their way about the made-up universe.

"Whether a distant mountain or a planet hanging low on the horizon, you can go there. You can fly seamlessly from the surface of a planet to another, and every star in the sky is a sun that you can visit," reads the game's description.

"Where you'll go and how fast you'll make your way through this universe is up to you. It's yours for the taking."

No Man's Sky is still shrouded in plenty of mystery for now, but it's starting to unfold one step at a time. The game will launch for both the PlayStation 4 (PS4) and the Xbox One on the same day, but the exact date is not available at this point. More information is expected to surface in the coming months.

In the meantime, check out the No Man's Sky gameplay extended footage below to get a better idea of what to expect.



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