Hello Games tonight showed up during Sony's E3 2015 presentation to show off more gameplay from its heavily hyped game, No Man's Sky.

While very little new was revealed, the demo was every bit as impressive as ever. It began with a quick look at space combat, where the player on stage encountered two factions at war with one another. He mentioned that he could simply watch, pass by, or join in and pick a side in the battle.

From there, we got a look at the unprecedented scale of the game, which is literally the size of an entire galaxy. The game's procedurally generated environments allow for an infinite variety of worlds and creatures to discover. No Man's Sky is aimed primarily at gamers who love exploration, with every point of light being a sun where you can visit a solar system, each with unique worlds you can visit at will.

The demo player picked a new world at random and arrived there quickly. He claimed that this world was unexplored by any of the developers, so he had no idea what to expect. From orbit, he scanned for points of interest and found a beacon on the ground. With no load screens or lag of any kind, he piloted his ship from orbit right down to the planet's surface.

A new revelation came when it was demonstrated that every part of every planet is fully destructible. That was unknown until this event, and unexpected, to say the least. But be warned: if you start opening fire at indigenous wildlife, foliage, even rock formations, Sentinel robots will show up to protect the planet.

The developer on stage showed how far you can zoom in and out in the game, from the ground of a world all the way out to the edge of the galaxy, and it's a jaw-dropping sight. He described the gameplay as a mixture of "trading, fighting, exploring and survival."

"We'll announce the release date soon, I promise," he said. We're going to hold him to that.

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