History was made today when the Supreme Court decided to legalize same-sex marriages nationwide in a 5-4 vote.

That means all Americans will now have the freedom and right to marry who they wish — no matter their gender. And LBQT activists are not the only ones rejoicing, as many companies are also joining in on the celebration.

Uber is showing it's support by having its car icons ride around with a rainbow flag. Once a user opens the app, they are able to see car icons moving in real-time to show the location of the vehicle. A rainbow trail follows the car, showing that the company is on board with the decision. 

And Uber is not the only company supporting the historic decision. Facebook is allowing its users to celebrate Pride by changing their profile photo to be overlapped with the rainbow flag. To use this feature, go to Facebook.com/celebratepride.

Snapchat is also letting it's users take Pride-inspired photos. The message app rolled out two filters that have rainbow themes. After taking a photo, keep swiping to the right until the brand new rainbow filters appear. The first says "Making History" in rainbow colors, with two rings in the letter "O." The second is a rainbow icon with two white lines to represent marriage equality.

Google is celebrating by offering a rainbow banner when typing "gay marriage" into the search bar. The company's office headquarter sign in the Chelsea neighborhood in New York City is currently sporting rainbow colors in the two "O"s.

Pandora announced on its blog that in celebration of Pride, the music streaming service will offer LGBTQ Hip Hop, which highlights hip-hop musicians who are known to express gender and sexual orientation through their work. Artists featured include Azalea Banks, Yo Majesty and Le1f. Many companies also changed their avatars on their official Twitter account to display rainbow colors.

American Airlines said it was on board for marriage equality as well, tweeting a photo of its in-flight screens displaying the rainbow flag with the company logo.

The White House most notably changed it's Facebook profile and Twitter avatar into a White House painted with the rainbow, and shared a historical gif to reflect on how far the country has come on the issue.

Via ABC News

Photo: Tony Webster | Flickr

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