Needless to say, June 26 will be remembered as a huge day for equal rights and those fighting for them.

The Supreme Court's ruling over the legality of gay marriage is one of those seemingly rare victories, one in which there's actually a happy ending. Sure, there are bound to be appeals and debates for months (or years) to come - but for now, all those who fought for years over the right to marry whoever they want can finally celebrate.

Apparently, Apple has some masterful timing: yesterday, the company launched a massive, dedicated LGBT Featured section to the App Store. 'Massive' isn't hyperbole, either: everything LGBT, be it apps, movies, TV shows or podcasts can now be found in a single, centralized location. Sure, it may have technically been a day early, but there's nothing wrong with Apple getting the party started before everyone.

To be perfectly honest, the newly-announced LGBT section isn't all that big of a surprise. Apple has been in favor of equal rights for a long time, and that stance was solidified when CEO Tim Cook came out as gay. The company has been involved with numerous pieces of equal rights legislation, and several of the company's employees were involved with the 2014 Pride Parade in San Francisco.

Originally, the update was intended to celebrate the anniversary of the June 28 Stonewall Riots, which are largely considered as one of the biggest moments in the early equal rights movement. However, with Friday's Supreme Court ruling, it's easy to assume that the change will mark a different occasion for many.

If you're interested in taking a look at Apple's new LGBT section, all you have to do is load up the App Store.

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