Apple has made updates to the terms of the AppleCare+ Protection Plan for Apple devices to improve coverage on the batteries of the devices.

The updated terms now cover batteries which are only able to retain below 80 percent of their original capacities within the extended period of warranty, whereas previously the coverage was only for batteries that were able to retain below 50 percent of the original capacities.

The changes to the AppleCare+ terms are applicable to purchases of iPhones, iPads, iPods and Apple Watches made from April 10 onwards.

Under the AppleCare+ feature, Apple will be replacing the defective batteries which are not able to attain the 80 percent specification for free as long as the Apple device still falls within the coverage period of the device insurance program. Otherwise, Apple users will need to pay $79 for service to the batteries, along with a shipping fee of $6.95.

The AppleCare+ program for the iPhone extends the warranty coverage and phone support of the smartphone to a total of two years from when the device was purchased, with the capacity for two incidents of coverage for accidental damages with a service charge of $79 for each incident. Without the AppleCare+ program, the warranty coverage for the iPhone is only for one year and phone support is only up to 90 days.

AppleCare+ for the iPad and iPod have similar terms, but the service charges for accidental damage are only $49 and $20 per incident for the two devices, respectively.

For the Apple Watch, the battery was designed by Apple to retain levels of up to 80 percent of the original capacity after 1,000 completed charge cycles. This gives a lifespan for the battery of the Apple Watch of two and a half to three years, if the device would be charged once daily.

The AppleCare+ program will extend the warranty coverage for the Apple Watch Sport and Apple Watch to a total of two years from the purchase of the device, and to a total of three years from the purchase of the Apple Watch Edition.

AppleCare+ will cost $49, $59 and $1,500 each for the Apple Watch Sport, Apple Watch and Apple Watch Edition, respectively.

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