Game of Thrones fans around the world are quite angry and confused at the death of Jon Snow.

Despite hearing from producers that the character is truly dead, they still have no plans of giving up the fight.

A few fans of the show went as far as to launch a petition for the sake of closure. The ones who have done this seem to have done a lot of research on how the show is made and the contracts the actors have signed.

According to the petition, Kit Harington, the actor who plays Jon Snow, should cut his hair to prove to the world that he will never return to the show. Folks might be wondering why these fans are asking such a silly request. Well, it is not entirely silly once you dig deep enough.

From what we've come to understand, Harington signed a contract to never cut his hair as long as he's a Game of Thrones cast member, so now that the actor has been killed off in the show, fans want closure. The only way for that to happen is for Harington to cut his hair.

This should be viewed as a smart way to try and get more information from the Game of Thrones producers, but it also reeks of desperation. This petition shows how some fans get too emotionally involved in something that is not real. There is no difficulty in waiting until season 6 of the show comes around, or until George R.R. Martin releases his next book to set the record straight.

So far, the petition has close to 500 supporters since it has gained traction on the web.

We only hope that the Game of Thrones producers and Harington do not bend their knees to this petition because there comes a time when fans just need to simmer down and allow things to flow naturally. After all, Game of Thrones was designed for adults and not children.

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