Joseph Gordon-Levitt is still talking about Sandman, still hyping a movie that is far from being produced. And he has to because fans have a lot of questions and concerns.

The actor was taking part in a Reddit AMA where he was asked if it would be a better idea to turn Sandman into an episodic TV series rather than a big cinematic event.

Bear in mind that many fans believe this is the best way to go with the comic book franchise due to its complex storytelling and characters. They believe it might not resonate well on the big screen, but Gordon-Levitt doesn't seem to think so.

"I think a big screen adaptation is a better idea and here's why. If you did the episodic version, I think it could very well end up as a not-as-good-version of what is already brilliant in the comics," JGL explained. "But by reworking the material into a big movie, Gaiman's brilliant characters and ideas get to take shape in a way they never have before. Also, I think Sandman deserves to look absolutely mind-blowingly awesome, just on a visual level, and as cinematic as some tv shows are becoming these days, they still can't compete with big movies visually, just because they can't afford to."

One of the reasons why Sandman is so difficult to transform into a movie is because the story doesn't always focus on the main character, Dream/Morpheus. Furthermore, there are several side stories in the comics, so how will Gordon-Levitt and the director work around those limitations.

At the end of the day, we doubt it will be possible to add all the cool stuff that is associated with Sandman. Fans can only hope the movie turns into a franchise that spans more films in order to tell the whole story.

Still, we would have preferred a TV series despite what Gordon-Levitt had to say.

Who is Sandman?

The charater in the comics, is known as Dream or Morpheus, and he is one of the seven Endless. The others are Destruction, Despair, Destiny, Death and Delirium. For a time the Sandman series was the flagship title for Vertigo, but that has since changed.

In the beginning of the first comic, Dream was captured by a cult and held prisomer for 70-years. After escaping, he slaughtered those who help him prisoner, and went back to continue his job as the master of dreams. He's also billions of years old, so it is easy to guess how powerful he is.

Most of the story takes place in Morpheus realm, the Dreaming. We're not sure if the movie will follow the same design, or be set in the world we know.

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