We've long known that there's a new Conan movie in the works with Arnold Schwarzenegger in the lead role once again. This is the first time the actor has ever come out and talked about the film that has yet to go into production.

Arnold played his only role as Conan in the 1984 classic Conan The Destroyer. It wasn't the best film in the world, but it was quite remembered and even better than the modern take on the character that had Jason Momoa in the lead role.

"I was hoping to do another one and I was hoping that the idea [would be] of Conan having been king for a long time, then just threw it all away and went into retirement and went off into the mountains," Schwarzenegger said. "That whole idea always appealed to me. Then of course he gets asked back because of some hideous and unbelievable things that are happening to the kingdom. So that's when the battle begins again."

According to Schwarzenegger, the script turned out to be very good, but nothing can be placed into motion just yet because things need tweaking here and there. Furthermore, the actor is busy promoting his current film Terminator Genisys.

From what we've come to understand, Schwarzenegger feels it best to focus on one movie at a time, so fans who are expecting to see him back in robes with a huge sword in his hands will likely have to wait a few years.

We're not sure what Schwarzenegger could bring to Conan now that he's nearly 70 years old. Then again, we've seen what Sylvester Stallone can do despite being a 68-year-old actor who is still churning out hit action films.

Schwarzenegger might not be in the same shape as Stallone, but that shouldn't matter much if the director knows how to work around the problems and make use of the actor's strength.

The new Conan movie, if successful, could kickstart a new cinematic universe that might contain the likes of Solomon Kane and Kull the Conqueror. Many fans might not know who they are, but this could change in the coming years.

Photo: Gage Skidmore | Flickr

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