PayPal has modified its user agreement again over the robocall controversy, which caused the company's system to send automated text messages and make phone calls to customers.

It has not been long since PayPal split from eBay and introduced a new user agreement that allows the company to bombard subscribers with pre-recorded or autodialed messages. The new user agreement was meant to be effective from July 1 but just two days before the implementation, the payment company again amended the user agreement.

The previously updated PayPal user agreement did not allow customers to opt out of the deal, which meant that, once a customer agreed with the user agreement, PayPal would automatically be allowed to contact customers.

A company spokesperson previously clarified that customers should abide by the new user agreement. However, if a customer does not accept the new user agreement, the only choice one would have would be to close the account. Such a practice led to a lot of controversy in the PayPal user community, and many customers were not happy to receive robocalls from PayPal.

Now, under the latest changes, PayPal will not robocall customers unless the company has received a written permission. PayPal has also apologized for any confusion caused by the language used in the previous user agreement.

"In sending our customers a notice about upcoming changes to our User Agreement we used language that did not clearly communicate how we intend to contact them. Unfortunately, this language caused confusion and concern with some of our customers," stated PayPal.

The company has also clarified that customers can enjoy using PayPal services without the need to give consent for receiving autodialed or pre-recorded texts or calls.

PayPal also confirmed that customers can receive communications from the company by contacting customer support and changing their preference. PayPal will also send an email to customers to clarify the situation. The company is also working with regulators to resolve any confusion caused by the previous user agreement.

PayPal is a leading payment system used by millions of individuals and businesses worldwide. The company has been prompt in clarifying the confusion caused by the robocalls before the problem started to affect the customer base.

Photo: Steve Ganz | Flickr

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