Best Buy is offering great deals on a bunch of gadgets for the Fourth of July, and one of these devices is the Samsung Galaxy Note Pro 12.2, the South Korean electronics manufacturer's take on a large-screen tablet.

Buyers who are looking for more screen real estate on their tablets might just find what they are looking for in the Note Pro 12.2. As one can see from its name, this slate covers a full 12.2 inches in length, which puts it at par with some of the 11-inch and 13-inch laptop-tablet hybrids that are gaining ground on both the tablet and PC markets.

For $100 less, customers can pick up a Note Pro 12.2 from the Best Buy website. That would put the price of the 32 GB Wi-Fi only model at $649.99 and the 64 GB Wi-Fi only at $749.99.

Those who want to get the Wi-Fi and LTE models will have to pay $749.99 for a black 32 GB version from Verizon or AT&T. Currently, only a 32 GB version for the LTE model is available. Those who want the Wi-Fi only model have a choice between a black version and white version.

Here's a quick summary of the prices Best Buy currently offers for the Note Pro 12.2.



Wi-Fi and LTE

32 GB


$749 (Verizon and AT&T)

64 GB


Not Available

The Note Pro 12.2 is designed for business users who value a large screen size where they can work on their projects and for power media consumers who appreciate watching videos on larger displays.

The Wi-Fi version runs on a 1.9 GHz octa-core Exynos 5, while the LTE version gets a more power 2.3 GHz process. Both models feature 3 GB of RAM, have a pixel density of 247 ppi (2,560 x 1,600 resolution) and have an eight-megapixel rear camera and a two-megapixel front snapper. It runs on Android 4.4 KitKat out of the box but the LTE version can now be upgraded to Android Lollipop.

As a tablet designed for business, the Note Pro 12.2 comes with Samsung's intuitive S-Pen stylus and allows for multitasking by putting four apps side by side. One outstanding feature of this tablet, however, is the ability to access a PC or Mac remotely, making it extremely handy in cases when users do not have access to their computers right away.

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