Apple just pushed out iTunes 12.2 and the update brings something interesting hidden in its folds - iPods that are currently not in existence. Moreover, the Calendar app of the iPod touch also hints at the release date of the refreshed Apple music players.

iTunes 12.2 version has an image of three iPods: the iPod nano, iPod Shuffle and iPod touch in three new hues which none of the current-gen iPods sport. Wondering what the new colors are? A light gold iPod nano, a bright pink iPod Shuffle and a dark blue iPod touch.

The hidden graphics of the iPods in iTunes 12.2 was accidentally discovered by Belgium-iPhone's Jerome when updating his fifth generation iPod touch.

The images suggest that while physically the iPod line-up will not get any change, it will likely get a new coat of paint. The appearance of the images also suggests that Apple could possibly be looking at refreshing its iPod line-up. The last time an update for the iPods was made was two years ago when Apple replaced "slate" with "space gray" in 2013.

With more and more users deploying their smartphones for playing music, over the years, the sales of the iPods has dipped substantially.

Additionally, MacRumors did some more investigating and found yet another image where one can espy six different hues for the iPod line-up. In the image below, one can spot the iPod Shuffle, iPod nano and iPod touch in not only bright pink, light gold and dark blue, but also silver, red and space gray.

The only physical difference that can be discerned from the picture is to the iPod touch , which seems to have done away with the wrist loop attachment.

Whether Apple will upgrade the hardware on its iPod line-up or restrict it to being a color refresh remains a mystery. Earlier in April, reports suggested that Apple was looking to renew its iPod line-up.

For those wondering when the new iPod hues will be introduced - July 14 is a strong possibility. Why? Because not only is it a Tuesday - the day when Apple traditionally announces its products - but if you look closely at the image, the Calendar app on the iPod touch reads "Tuesday 14."

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