According to a mysterious FCC filing, Google is developing a new product which could very well be the next Google Glass.

The filing was first reported by Android news website Droid Life, at first thinking that the product is the next version of Google's Chromecast.

However, the documents in the filing hold the possibility that the product being referred to is a wearable device, increasing the chances that the filing is for the new Google Glass.

While most devices that pass through the FCC are tagged with labels such as smartphone or wearable, the product by Google in the mysterious filing has a label of "BLUETOOTH & DTS/UNII a/b/g/n/ac," along with a model name of "GG1." While the category label seems a bit random, the letters of the model name could certainly stand for Google Glass.

Droid Life investigated the documents further to try to determine the product associated with the filing. According to the website, the device is able to support 802.11a/b/g/n/ac Wi-Fi in both 2.4 GHz and 5 GHz, and features Bluetooth LE and rechargeable but non-removable batteries. The product also comes with a charger and a USB cable which can charge the device and allow for data transfers.

The website also discovered that the FCC label for the device, which is an e-label that is embedded into the device's software, is shaped as a rectangular box. The shape, according to Droid Life, looks very similar to the screen of the Google Glass, which is significant because the e-label is accessed through certain swipe gestures in a user interface.

There has been no official confirmation that the filing refers to the Google Glass though, as the FCC and Google did a great job in keeping any revealing information about the device under wraps.

Droid Life believes that the device in question could not be a Chromecast, as there are no swiping gestures needed to access an e-label and no need for rechargeable batteries. However, it is a mystery on why Google Glass, if the filing does indeed refer to the wearable, would need 802.11ac Wi-Fi and support for up to 5 GHz, as the new Chromecast would benefit more from 5 GHz support.

Droid Life is not completely sure that the FCC filing is for the new Google Glass, but at the very least, the filing could be referring to a portable device that is able to connect to other devices through Bluetooth.

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