You have to hand it to Microsoft and its relentless demonstration efforts. It does what it can to be just as cool as Google in vying for our attention. In an attempt to show users just how hip and retro-cool it is, Microsoft just added one timeless video game from 1972 to Bing.

Pong has invaded Bing! The newly added browser-based game can be played directly on the website's search engine. Simply head over to Bing and search for "Pong" and ta-dah! The classic game will show up above the search results.

To start playing, merely move your mouse into the game, click and start playing. You'll of course be player 1 and your challenger will be none other than Bing.

Pong, for those of you who have never played it, is a game that involves two players bouncing a square ball between them using paddles. It does seem like a very simple game but I assure you, it comes with its own set of challenges and a player can easily lose himself in the game.

The game was originally made by Alan Alcorn and manufactured by Atari Inc. Pong is the very first sports arcade video game, which makes it the ancestor of most arcade video games we have today. Pong became commercially successful, heralding game designers and manufacturers to upgrade game designs and to think of new, innovative games to add different challenges to the growing gaming community.

This seemingly humble game can be considered a pioneer as it helped establish the video game industry. So before you set up your complex digital video gaming sessions, why not try out this classic game and see if you have what it takes to take on Bing over some Pong?

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