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Microsoft Bing Allegedly The Latest Victim In The ‘Great Firewall’ Of China

Bing is the latest serviced based in America to get banned in China. Microsoft has so far been playing nice with the country’s internet policies, but something apparently had to give.

Microsoft January 24, 2019

Microsoft Bing Visual Search Now Lets You Point Your Smartphone Camera At Something And Find It Online

Microsoft's answer to Google Lens is Bing visual search, and it allows users to snap a photo of something and look for it online. Here's how it works and what you can do with it.

Microsoft June 24, 2018

Bing Gets AI-Powered Features To Improve Search Results, Reddit Integration To Help You Scour Subreddits

Microsoft is beefing up Bing with AI-powered features and an integration with Reddit. Now users can get more comprehensive answers and thoroughly search thousands of subreddits.

Internet December 14, 2017

Google, Facebook, Other Tech Titans Join ‘Trust Project’ To Fight Fake News

Dozens of publications and major social networks have joined the Trust Project, an initiative to improve the state of online journalism. Part of that effort are so-called Trust Indicators or metrics that gauge whether a story is legitimate.

Internet November 17, 2017

Apple Doesn’t Want Bing Anymore: Siri, Spotlight Search Results On Mac And iOS Will Now Come From Google

Apple has decided to rely on Google search results instead of Bing, further increasing Google’s presence on iOS and macOS platforms. Bing, on the other hand, will remain in some form, but perhaps not for long.

Apple September 26, 2017

Google, Microsoft Agree To Crack Down On Piracy Sites In UK Search Results

Google and Microsoft will remove links leading to pirated content in the first page of search results in the United Kingdom. The agreement has been agreed upon after years of campaigning by the creative industry.

Internet February 20, 2017

Skype Insiders Program Rolling Out: Available To Android, iOS, Mac And Windows Users

Microsoft announced that Skype will have its own Insiders Program in the tradition of insider initiatives that the company has implemented for Windows 10, Microsoft Office and Bing. The launch of Skype program closely trailed Xbox's own Insider Program roll-out.

Microsoft November 10, 2016

Microsoft Office 365 Updates: Meet Word Researcher And Editor [Video]

Microsoft announced some cool new updates hitting Office 365 in July, and Word got a couple of neat treats. With new Researcher and Editor features, Word aims to make it easier to write a research paper.

Microsoft July 26, 2016

Microsoft Acquires Wand Labs To Boost Conversation: Too Little, Too Late?

Microsoft's purchase of Wand Labs shows the software company is serious about integrating chatbots and artificial intelligence into conversations. But is the move a little too late in the game?

Apps/Software June 17, 2016

Windows 10 Cortana Search Box Now Supports Only Bing And Edge

Microsoft wants you to use Bing and Edge more, cutting off third-party software support for the Cortana search box to protect the 'integrated search experience' in Windows 10.

Apps/Software April 29, 2016

Bing Is Using Facial Recognition To Help Users Find Their Oscar-Nominated Doppelgänger

Microsoft's Bing releases a new tool that uses facial and image recognition to determine a user's celebrity look-alike.

Internet February 24, 2016

Microsoft Updates Bing For iPhone And Android With Barcode Scanner, Dedicated Deals And More

Bing for iPhone and Android updated with new features. New features such as the barcode scanner can enable customers to find the best deal for a product.

Apps/Software February 5, 2016

Microsoft Updates Bing Logo For The Second Time

Microsoft gave the logo for its search engine Bing a second face-lift as it continues to focus on search and continues to increase Windows 10 downloads.

Internet January 14, 2016

Microsoft Teams Up With Baidu To Bring Windows 10 And Edge Browser To China

Microsoft expects that the new partnership will fuel it faster towards its self-imposed, ambitious goal to get Windows 10 into 1 billion devices worldwide by 2018.

Business September 24, 2015

How To Force Microsoft Edge And Cortana To Use Google As Default Search Engine Instead Of Bing

If you're using Microsoft Edge but prefer to use Google as a default search engine, then you might want to adjust certain settings.

Internet September 10, 2015

Alleged BlackBerry Venice Spotted With Onscreen Keyboard

The latest leak about the highly rumored Android-based BlackBerry Venice shows an onscreen keyboard that looks very much like the Android keyboard.

Phones/Tablets/Mobile Tech August 17, 2015

Microsoft Plays Knight In Shining Armor As In Battle Against Revenge Porn

Microsoft is introducing a tool that will let victims of revenge porn request the removal of links from Bing, OneDrive and Xbox Live. This is the latest of the company's efforts to curb revenge porn, in which sexually explicit pictures of people are shared without their consent.

Internet July 23, 2015

No Joke, Google Is Looking For An SEO Expert To Improve Its Rankings In Google Search

Are you an SEO expert? Google is currently looking for an SEO manager to help the company gain prominence on rival search sites as well as its own.

Business July 17, 2015

Microsoft Is Discontinuing Many Of Its MSN Apps

App discontinuations come in the wake of structural overhauls and job cuts at Microsoft, which could mean trouble down the line for the tech company.

Business July 11, 2015

Microsoft Rolls Out Redesigned Bing Maps: Touch-Friendly Layout, Travel Planning Tools, And More Enhancements

Microsoft has released the Bing Maps Preview, which users can access to provide feedback that will help in the further development of the service. Will it be able to challenge Google Maps?

Apps/Software July 7, 2015

Bing Wants You To Know It's Got A Cool Side With Bing 'Pong'

Play 'Pong' from your browser with Bing - because Microsoft is a cool company and wants you to know it!

Internet Culture July 3, 2015

Microsoft Hands Over Big Chunk Of Display Ad Business To AOL: Here's What's Happening

Microsoft CEO Satya Nadella is coming through with his promise to cut corners and focus on the company’s three core businesses.

Business June 30, 2015

Microsoft's Bing Video Search Gets A Makeover And It's Better Than YouTube Search

Microsoft goes big on video and makes a case for users to choose Bing over Google before ultimately ending up in YouTube.

Internet June 22, 2015

Me Too! Bing To Favor Mobile-Friendly Websites

The fallout from Mobilegeddon has spread from Google Search to Microsoft's Bing. Microsoft says its new mobile friendly metrics for websites strikes a balance between mobile friendliness and relevancy.

Internet May 15, 2015

Yahoo And Microsoft Add Termination Clause To 10-Year Search Deal

Yahoo CEO Marissa Mayer drove a hard bargain from Microsoft, and a 10-year agreement could be cut short.

Business April 21, 2015

Bing Correctly Predicts Over 80 Percent Of Oscar Winners

Despite its less-than-stellar reputation as a search engine, Microsoft's Bing correctly predicted many of last night's Oscar winners. It wasn't just a few lucky guesses, either - it was right 80% of the time.

Internet Culture February 23, 2015

Google Gains Victory In US Court Following Anti-Trust Lawsuit

A U.S. federal judge dismissed an anti-trust lawsuit filed against Google after the plaintiffs failed to support their allegations with substantial information. The plaintiffs are given three weeks to modify their complaint against the company.

Legal February 23, 2015

Google Search Will Show Real-Time Tweets Again Soon

Twitter and Google have rekindled their love for each other as Google will once again start showing up real-time results in its search engine.

Internet February 5, 2015

Yahoo, Bing Pose Little Threat to Search Leader Google

Yahoo and Bing may be gaining a few percentage points on Google in the search market, but it's pretty clear Google has little to be afraid of from its top competitors. One industry watcher says it will take a new search tech innovator to knock Google off its leadership perch.

Business Tech January 13, 2015

Bing, Yahoo! Go Dark Briefly Because of Bad Code

Two search engines shut down for less than half an hour. Fortunately, Google wasn't one of them.

Internet January 3, 2015

Week In Review: Top 5 Tech Headlines Not to Miss

It was yet another busy week in tech, with many headlines and stories to keep track of. Luckily, we've put together a list of the top headlines not to miss for this week.

Phones/Tablets/Mobile Tech December 19, 2014

Facebook Graph Search Will No More Sing Song of Bing

Facebook has quietly removed Microsoft's Bing from its search results. Despite this, the fact that it has taken a few days for most to notice suggests that perhaps most people don't really care.

Business Tech December 15, 2014

Facebook Pulls Bing Search from Graph Search after Expanding Its Own Engine

Facebook's two-year run with Bing ends quietly. The two are still on good terms, according to a Facebook spokesperson.

Internet December 14, 2014

Facebook Ends Online Relationship with Microsoft's Bing Search Engine

Facebook quietly dumps Microsoft and stops offering search results from Bing on Graph Search. Did anybody notice?

Internet December 13, 2014

Microsoft MSN Apps Now Available Nearly Everywhere, From Android to iOS

Microsoft has released a number of its apps, developed by the Bing team, to Android and iOS. The goal is tying together Microsoft's services to consumers who do not use or own a Windows phone.

Apps/Software December 11, 2014

Microsoft Unceremoniously Dumps Clip Art in Favor of Bing

Microsoft says goodbye to a 90s icon that has ceased to serve its function. Here's to the days of old, when using Clip Art was high-tech for most high school students.

Apps/Software December 4, 2014

Bing Pulse Goes Public, Now Everyone Can Poll Audiences

Microsoft empowers news outlets and event organizers with Bing Pulse 2.0, a Big Data platform that allows the public to vote and express their sentiments on emerging news. Pulse will be free during its beta phase and will start at $200 once it is fully released.

Internet December 3, 2014

Microsoft Announces Death of Clip Art. Say Hello to Bing Image Search

Microsoft is discontinuing the Clip Art feature in its Office products. Users who are in search of imagery would then be redirected to the Bing Image Search engine.

Apps/Software December 3, 2014

Firefox 34 Officially Gives Google Search Engine the Boot: Yoohoo, Yahoo!

Mozilla officially abandons Google, switches over to Yahoo as its default search provider. Here is what the new Firefox is all about.

Internet December 2, 2014

Apple May Boot Google from Safari as Yahoo, Bing Come Courting

Apple is in talks with a number of different search providers to replace Google as the default search engine in Safari. The contract between Google and Apple that was signed in 2010 is set to expire in "early 2015."

Internet December 1, 2014

Here's Why Firefox Dumped Google and Made Yahoo! Its Default Search Engine

Mozilla abandons Google and turns to Bing-powered Yahoo! as the default search engine for Firefox. What makes Yahoo! a better choice than Google?

Internet November 22, 2014

Mozilla Goes Yahoo in Firefox Browser Strategy. But Why?

Yahoo's Bing-powered Search earns a place in Mozilla's Firefox browser for the next five years. It's a declaration of Mozilla's independence from Google and a sign that Yahoo is prepared to act aggressively to shore up its revenue.

Business Tech November 20, 2014

Take that, Google! Bing lets you emoji search! How cool is that?

Microsoft rolls out support for emoji search on Bing. Now, users who are too busy to type in entire words can just search with graphic images instead.

Internet October 29, 2014

DigitalGlobe launches most powerful commercial satellite: Meet WorldView-3

Earth-observing satellite with unprecedented resolution capabilities for the commercial market launched. WorldView-3 can see home plate on a baseball diamond from 400 miles above.

Space August 14, 2014

Windows Phone 8.1 Update officially announced. You can now say hi to Cortana in Chinese

The new Windows Phone 8.1 Update improves security and pushes Cortana to new markets. The upgrade will roll out to consumers over the coming months.

Phones/Tablets/Mobile Tech August 3, 2014

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