For the past few weeks, console gamers have been firmly planted in the heavily armored boots of Batman (sorry, PC players). The Dark Knight's latest game, Batman: Arkham Knight, is absolutely huge: Gotham City is packed to the brim with story missions, side quests, Batmobile courses and random thugs to beat on. All things considered, it wouldn't be that surprising if most players haven't made their way through the game's lengthy story mode quite yet.

That said, it doesn't look like Warner Bros. is about to wait around for everyone to finish the game: despite Batman: Arkham Knight being less than two weeks old, the publisher has already announced when players can expect to see the game's first story-based DLC.

And if you were worried that the wait to play as Batgirl would be a long and agonizing one, you're in luck. Season Pass owners won't have to wait long at all: the Batgirl DLC pack will be automatically unlocked on July 14, while everyone else will have to wait another week.

The DLC pack, titled A Matter of Family, takes place years before the events of Batman: Arkham Asylum and focuses on a pre-Oracle Barbara Gordon. Considering that her paralysis at the Joker's hand is one of the major story points in Arkham Knight, it's easy to assume that Batgirl's side-story will also focus on the events that took her off the streets and into the Batcave.

It's important to note that A Matter of Family isn't being developed by the original team behind the game; instead, the DLC pack is being created by the Batman: Arkham Origins devs over at WB Montreal. It'll be interesting to see if the studio has learned anything in the two years since Arkham Origins was released.

Again, for Season Pass holders, the DLC will be available on July 14 — if you're not down with paying $40 for the entire Season Pass, you can buy the side-story on its own for $6.99 on July 21.

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