The 'Justice League' Movie's Script Is Ready To Go


Now that Comic-Con is upon us, Warner Bros. is finally loosening its grip on the secrets of Batman v. Superman: Dawn of Justice. The latest issue of Entertainment Weekly features a cover story on the film, in which a handful of scenes are described, new photos are shown, and a little tidbit regarding Justice League, Part 1 is dropped.

Let's hit that last one first. Chris Terrio, the screenwriter behind Argo and Batman v. Superman, has finished his work on the Justice League, Part 1 script. Terrio has turned in his final draft so that work can begin on planning, preproduction, casting and so on. The two-part Justice League is believed to feature Brainiac as its villain, though Darkseid is another possibility.

Justice League, Part 1 arrives on the silver screen on November 10, 2017. That date puts it just a year and nine months behind Batman v. Superman: Dawn of Justice.

If you're curious regarding what EW reveals about BvS, we suggest picking up the print (or digital) edition of the magazine. But here are a few quick highlights.

• When a sequel to Man of Steel was first imagined, Batman wasn't in it. Instead, Superman (Henry Cavill) was going to face off against Metallo. A radical shift in directon occurred when director Zack Snyder had a brainstorm in an early story meeting with David S. Goyer and Christopher Nolan.
• Wayne Manor is described as a "derelict husk." Make of that what you will.
• A scene in the Batcave has a "world-weary" Bruce Wayne (Ben Affleck) explaining to Alfred (Jeremy Irons) why he's considering a preemptive strike against Superman. Bruce's reasoning is based on the fear that a being as powerful as Superman is too dangerous to exist, since he could potentially destroy mankind. But Alfred's not buying it.
• The prize fight takes place (as previews have shown) atop the rooftops of Gotham in the rain. The rough-and-tumble fight includes DC's two biggest superheroes "throwing each other through walls and skylights."

Batman v. Superman: Dawn of Justice will be in theaters on March 25, 2016.

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