10,000 Minecraft Fans Converge For Minecon 2015 In London


Around 10,000 Minecraft fans will gather for the Minecon 2015 in London to indulge in events, talks and meet other Minecraft fanatics.

Minecon is a yearly convention for the popular block-building game Minecraft. Mojang, the developer and publisher of the game hosts the Minecon event. The first conference was held in 2010 and was known as MinecraftCon, which was held in Washington and had a gathering of just over 50 people.

Over the years, the number of fans attending the yearly event has been steadily increasing.

The first Minecon convention was held in 2011 at Mandalay Bay in Las Vegas and about 200 fans attended the convention that focused on celebrating the game's release. The conference also included discussion panels and allowed gamers to play Minecraft with others.

Minecon 2012, which was held the Paris Disneyland Park, attracted about 4,500 fans. The number of attendees at the Minecon 2013 that was held in Orlando, Florida increased to 7,500. There was no Minecon convention in 2014.

The Minecon 2015 will be held on July 4 and July 5 at the ExCeL London Exhibition and Conference Centre in London, where 10,000 Minecraft fans will gather together to celebrate various aspects of the game.

"It's impossible for us to have an event big enough that our entire community can attend, but even to have 10,000 people who really care what we're about, and to meet and talk to them in real life, is really special," says Vu Bui, the chief operating officer of Mojang. "We want Minecon to feel like a world where the real world and Minecraft co-exist. I think people will be blown away by a couple of things we've created this year."

The main coding team of Minecraft is also expected to attend the Minecon this year and talk about features that may be available in the future. Representatives from Telltale Games, an independent game publisher that is working on Minecraft: Story Mode, will also be present at the event.

Coders who modify the game will also be present at the show and will share hints regarding the best way to customize the way Minecraft is played.

This year's Minecon will also include a "speedrun" competition that will allow players to navigate a Minecraft game map the fastest.

Microsoft will also give "golden tickets" to limited fans that will allow them to try the Minecraft version that is being developed for the Hololens augmented reality headset.

Photo: Kenming Wang | Flickr

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