That chart-topping game about managing the lives of shelter seekers lands on Android in August, if all goes according to plan. And Fallout Shelter is certainly worth the wait.

There was really no telling just how long the Android faithful would have to wait until Bethesda ended Fallout Shelter's iOS exclusivity, which was technical rather than timed.

Pete Hines Bethesda's vice president revealed the game's Android launch in a Twitter exchange. Hines was lately asked when the strategy game will release for Android devices.

The Android version of Fallout Shelter is "coming along nice," said Hines. "Haven't announced a date, but should be out next month. We'll let you know when we have specifics."

In Fallout Shelter, players take on the role of overseer inside of a vault packed with some of the last people on earth. While nuclear disaster pushed mankind to the verge of extinction in this management simulation game and it's the vault overseer's job to help pull people back from that brink.

Here's a rundown of some of the most compelling reason why Android users shouldn't hold out on the game, when it arrives, to spite Bethesda:

Money Model: Fallout Shelter is completely free to play, though there are in-app purchases.

Graphics: Fallout Shelter paints 2D characters on a 3D canvas, rendering imaginative art that just as lively as the characters that populate the vault. The game's overview layout takes cues from XCOM: Enemy Unknown's and the iOS devices have had complained of not choppiness in moving room to room, zooming in and out of the vault.

Gameplay: There's enough content here to require about 10 to 12 hours of gameplay. It's a free game aimed at Fallout 4 fans, most of whom are core gamers and view mobile games as secondary experiences to their liquid cooled boxes and new generation exclusives players.

Offline: Rock on doom's day preppers, and anyone considering a move off the grid. Fallout Shelter, once it's downloaded, is good to go without an Internet tether to home base in Maryland.

Next month isn't so far away and Fallout Shelter is worth that wait.

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