In its darkest hour, Batman: Arkham Knight has just received a patch that aims to address some of the game's many PC-specific problems.

The game was earlier suspended from Valve's Steam digital distribution platform due to these bugs and the 8,000 negative reviews the game elicited.

Batman: Arkham Knight's patch, however, performs the following fixes:

–Fixes a crash that was happening for some users when exiting the game
–Fixes a bug which disabled rain effects and ambient occlusion. We are actively looking into fixing other bugs to improve this further
–Corrects an issue that was causing Steam to re-download the game when verifying the integrity of the game cache through the Steam client
–Fixes a bug that caused the game to crash when turning off Motion Blur in BmSystemSettings.ini. A future patch will enable this in the graphics settings menu

Warner Bros, publisher of Batman: Arkham Knight, says Rocksteady is focusing all of its resources on the following areas of the recently launched game:

–Support for frame rates above 30FPS in the graphics settings menu
–Fix for low resolution texture bug
–Improvement of overall performance and framerate hitches
–Addition of more options to the graphics settings menu
–Improvements to hard drive streaming and hitches
–Addressing of full screen rendering bug on gaming laptop
–Improvements to system memory and VRAM usage
–NVIDIA SLI bug fixes
–Enabling AMD Crossfire
–NVIDIA and AMD updated drivers

Batman: Arkham Knight saw the critically acclaimed Arkham series return into the hands of Rocksteady, the developer that helped gamers believe in super hero video games again. While the console version of the game runs relatively fine, the PC port of the third-person brawler stumbled out of the gates.

At the moment, Batman: Arkham Knight is still suspended from Steam's store. A day after its June 23 launch, the game was pulled by Warner Bros. and the publisher issued a statement to players.

"Batman: Arkham fans have continually supported the franchise to its current height of success, and we want to thank you for your patience as we work to deliver an updated version of Batman: Arkham Knight on PC so you can all enjoy the final chapter of the Batman: Arkham series as it was meant to be played," the publisher stated.

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