Google Classroom tool threatens to send rival education apps to detention


Google is aiming to begin its domination of education by launching a new tool that already threatens rival education apps' ability to compete. The new software will enable teachers to better organize their course materials, the company says.

As per Google, the simple layout and easy to use functionality will enable teachers to deliver better feedback, keep track of course materials and see how to better organize classes. Many believe that Google could have entered the education business as a means of inching closer to complete domination of the tech world.

The new software, which is free of charge for educators, is part of the Google Apps for Education package and can deliver real time results on student progress for teachers to easily examine and pinpoint where they should be going.

It uses Google Docs, Drive and Gmail as a means of completing tasks and automating the overall teaching process so it can run smoother and more efficiently.

"Classroom is based on the principle that educational tools should be simple and easy to use, and is designed to give teachers more time to teach and students more time to learn," writes product manager Zach Yeskel.

Currently, the new software is in its testing phase and Google is giving teachers the ability to apply for a limited preview. 

Google Classroom is expected to be released to any school that wants to use apps as part of their teaching curriculum for the fall semester.

The company has released a video, posted on - also owned by Google - that details the entirety of the new software and to better acquaint teachers with using the software in the classroom experience.

Students should also get a boost by having the new technology at their fingertips right in class.

With nearly 100 other education apps already on the market, some industry experts are already beginning to crunch the numbers in an effort to figure out how many of those companies could be immediately affected by Google's move onto the education sphere directly.

While Google has long had a number of classroom ideas and software to engage teachers and students, Google Classroom officially announces the company's interest in dominating and entering the classroom and education sector of the technology boom.

Google is a leading software and Internet company, and many believe that the classroom is the natural progression of its ideas over the sector.

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