Zack Snyder And Ben Affleck Fired Shots In Marvel's Direction


Fans have always wondered what will make DC movies different from that of Marvel's own offerings. Well, director Zack Snyder and Ben Affleck have come out to share their thoughts on the matter.

Zack Snyder is not worried about the movie going fans being tired of superhero movies by the time the DC Cinematic Universe kicks off next year. He believes the films Marvel Studios are releasing every year is watered down, and Warner Bros. is not planning on doing the same.

"If [this gеnrе] tаlks аbоut us аnd thе humаn соnditiоn, whiсh I think hоpеfully thеsе mоviеs dо in sоmе wаy, thеn I think thаt it dоеsn't rеаlly hаvе аn еxpirаtiоn dаtе," Snyder revealed. "But l dо bеliеvе thе sоrt оf mаss-mаrkеtеd соnsumеrist vеrsiоn соuld gеt thin if yоu'rе nоt саrеful. Wе'vе just gоt tо bе саrеful."

As for Ben Affleck, he believes what Zack Snyder is doing is more realistic and mythic due to the director's art style. Furthermore, he also says fans should not expect a lot of humor or smart mouth chit chattering from the DC movies.

This should not come as a surprise since Warner Bros. CEO have said it before that DC movies won't be a humor-fest though a few bits and pieces will be added. Realism is also a huge part of the universe, according to the CEO.

"It is mоrе mythiс, it is mоrе grаnd in thаt wаy, аnd it is а littlе mоrе rеаlistiс," according to the actor. "Just by thеir nаturе, thеsе films саn't bе аs funny оr аs quiсk аnd аs glib аs Mаrvеl mоviеs."

We'd love to see what Marvel's Kevin Feige has to say about these strong words coming from Snyder and Affleck.

In many ways, we have to agree with both men. Marvel movies feel watered down, especially the villains. And the humor along with the glibs seem to take center stage away from the storyline.

Sure they are exciting to watch for a few times, but after that, everything just becomes a complete mess. When the jokes are no longer funny, that is when the Marvel movies begin to show its true colors, and the flaws take the front row seat.

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