Samsung could be planning on adding a new software feature that will allow its smartphones' users to take faster and easier notes on PDF files.

The South Korean electronics maker has been spotted filing a patent application at the United States Patent and Trademark Office (USPTO) for a feature called Write on PDF.

The application, which was filed on June 30 and first spotted by Dutch website Galaxy Club, says it is for a "computer application software for mobile phones, smartphones, tablet computers, portable media players and handheld computers enabling users to annotate and save PDF documents, images and files."

With all the leaked case images giving rise to rumors about the Samsung Galaxy Note 5, Samsung could likely be applying for the new patent to include Write on PDF in the upcoming new device in its Note series of large-screen smartphones.

Writing notes on PDFs is not a new thing on Samsung's Note line. In fact, writing notes using the company's critically acclaimed S-Pen and saving notes as photos is one of the biggest selling points of owning a smartphone with a display size above 5.5 inches.

However, writing on actual PDFs is not a very simple process just yet, with users having to get through a few loops before being able to annotate on a PDF. Currently, users who want to do so will first have to activate the Screen Write feature using their S-Pen. Then, they will have to take a picture of the PDF they want to take notes on before they can finally write on the PDF.

The latest patent filing does not indicate how Samsung plans to allow writing on PDFs, but it will likely eliminate the workarounds that are in place so users can immediately annotate on PDFs without having to activate Screen Write or taking a picture of the PDF first.

It is, on the surface, going to be a small change, but for many Galaxy Note users who depend on the screen writing features of their phablets, such as those who largely use their phones for work purposes, Write on PDF, if done right, will be one of those big, little features that are too valuable not to have.

Photo: Kārlis Dambrāns | Flickr

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